5 Inexpensive and Efficient Ways to keep your Home Cool in Sunny Weather

How has the Dry Season been treating you so far? During this time, we experience consistently sunny weather for weeks on end resulting in your home becoming unbearably hot.

This week we have brought you 5 ways that you can keep your home cool in sunny weather.

1. Ventilation – Keeping your home enclosed for long periods of time during sunny weather can result in your home becoming too hot. Keep windows open during the day to allow for proper circulation of air into your home, which also has the benefit of ferrying out warm air.

2. Use ceiling fans – Ceiling fans are an affordable alternative to air conditioning units and assist with circulation of air within your home. Keeping your windows open to allow for intake of cool air, combined with the circulating effect of the ceiling fan can cool your home in no time.

3. Use High Efficiency Lighting – Fluorescent lights are considered high efficiency lighting and are not only energy efficient but give off less heat than traditional yellow lightbulbs. The heat from traditional light bulbs coupled with sunny weather can make your home extraordinarily hot but this can be easily remedied by switching to high efficiency lighting.

4. Install awnings outside of windows – Awnings provide shade, and when installed outside of windows it can prevent excessive sunlight from entering your home. This way, only enough light can enter during sunny weather, without resulting in your home becoming too hot.

5. Unplug appliances that are not in use – Appliances and electronics in use give off heat that contributes to the overall temperature of the inside of your home. Popular electronics that contribute to the temperature of your home are computer systems, TVs, and console gaming devices. By unplugging these devices, you can make your home several degrees cooler and far more comfortable during sunny weather.

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