Can your house withstand a Hurricane? Here is how to Hurricane-Proof Your House

The world is looking on in shock and awe at the destruction being wreaked by Hurricane Dorian, the fourth named storm, second hurricane and first major hurricane of the 2019 Atlantic hurricane season. Other countries within range of the Atlantic are taking this time to review their hurricane preparations and are placing more emphasis on reinforcing their homes and evacuation plans.

Can your home withstand a Hurricane? In today’s article, we will be looking at ways you can hurricane-proof your house.

1. Trim your trees: Branches from trees or the trees themselves can cause severe structural damage to your home as well as physical harm to your person. One of the simplest ways to mitigate these damages is to trim the branches of your trees.

Any branch that is particularly long and protruding should be trimmed.

NOTE: For trees that are located close to high-tension electricity wires, contact your Electricity and Utilities provider for assistance before proceeding.

2. Install a metal sheeting roof: While a metal sheeting roof can be expensive, the benefits of it far outweigh that of a traditional galvanize roof. Metal sheeting roofs are sturdier and offer more protection against the strong winds that accompany a hurricane. Despite its cost, it is a worthwhile investment and can keep your home safe during a hurricane.

3. Reinforce your windows: Hurricanes can generate strong winds between 74mph (Category 1) and 156mph (Category 5), and these winds have the propensity to shatter windows with ease just by sheer force alone. You can hurricane-proof your windows by installing flat pieces of plyboard onto the window frame to create a shield against both the winds and any objects that may be picked up and blown into the window.

4. Install Sandbags around your home: Sandbags may be considered old-fashioned but are nevertheless incredibly useful in blocking and rerouting flood water from coming into your home. Place sandbags at all openings into your home; doorways, garages, driveways. Sandbags can be purchased or made yourself; fill plastic or burlap bags with sand, dirt or a combination of sand, dirt and cement and then seal the opening of the bag with duct tape or tie tightly with string.

Each bag should be between 35-50lbs for efficient handling.

5. Invest in a Home and Contents Insurance Plan: Now more than ever it is important to have a strong Home and Contents Plan to insure your home and belongings in the event of a Hurricane and the losses that may come with it.

In the event of a Hurricane, your Home and Contents Plan will provide monetary reimbursement for damages incurred to your home or your contents.

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