Car Troubles - What should you do if your vehicle breaks down?

Car troubles, we have all been there. Despite regular servicing, the possibility of your vehicle breaking down due to mechanical failure still exists. It is important that you know the steps to take in such a situation to remain safe.  

What should you do if this happens?

1. Pull onto the shoulder lane – If your vehicle breaks down while driving, try to coast onto the shoulder lane using the remaining momentum. This lane is specifically designated for emergency stops and would provide a safe space for you to park until help arrives.

2. Turn on your hazard lights - The purpose of these lights is to signal to other drivers that your vehicle is stationary. If your vehicle has broken down and you are parked, ensure that these lights are on until help arrives.

This is particularly important at night-time or at times where visibility is diminished as the hazard lights give motorists a better gauge of where exactly your vehicle is parked.

3. Stay in your car – If your vehicle suffers mechanical failure on the highway and you are unable to get to the shoulder lane in time, stay in your vehicle.

It is safer to do this than to take the risk of exiting your vehicle in the middle of oncoming traffic.

4. Call for help – Immediately call for assistance. If you have Roadside Assistance through your insurance provider, notify them first so they may provide assistance quickly. If you do not have roadside assistance, save the number for a private tow truck service on your cell phone for easy recall.

NOTE – It is also important to notify your loved ones of your exact location and time the moment your vehicle breaks down.

5. Exit the vehicle from the passenger side – If you are parked on the shoulder lane, always exit the vehicle from the passenger side to maximize your safety. The passing traffic can be unpredictable, especially at night-time and if vehicles are traveling at high speeds.

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