Home Safety Tips for the Christmas Season

Just 2 weeks left until Christmas 2019. How has the preparations been going so far for you? This week we are here to discuss Home Safety Tips for the Christmas Season to help keep you and your loved ones safe so you can enjoy the festivities with an easy mind.

Check out our 5 Home Safety Tips:

1. Disconnect Christmas lights when not in use – The Christmas Season means Christmas lights, in all shapes and sizes. As beautiful as they are, Christmas lights can become both electrical and fire hazards if proper instructions are not followed. Be sure to disconnect all Christmas lights when not in use or purchase lights that have built-in timers to shut off at set times.

NOTE: Avoid overloading sockets and outlets with too many lights. This can lead to overheating and even electrical malfunctions.

2. Discard old appliances and furniture – Old appliances and furniture not only take up space but are also hazards in your home. Refuse items are notorious for harbouring vermin and even acting as a source fuel in the event of a house fire.

3. Secure all entrances to your home – It is important that you take all steps to safeguard yourself and your family, regardless of the time of year. Ensure that all doors and entrances into your home are properly secured. This includes doors, gates, and windows.

Measures to securing all entrances to your home are installing burglar-proofing, padlocking doors and investing in a home security system.

4. Ask a neighbour to keep an eye on your home – Planning to travel this Christmas? If your home is being left empty during this time, ask a trusted neighbour to keep an eye out during your absence. Should suspicious activity be recorded, your neighbour can immediately notify the relevant authorities to take action.

NOTE: Keep your travel plans private! Broadcasting travel plans, especially on social media, can unknowingly give thieves information on your schedule and entice housebreaking when you are not there.

5. Get Home and Contents Insurance – Don’t have Home and Contents Insurance as yet? There is no better time to get it. Home and Contents Insurance insures your home and contents and provide coverage for damage or loss inflicted by fires, natural disasters, theft and more.

What do you think of these Home Safety Tips for the Christmas Season? We hope that they were useful to you!

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Thanks for joining us this week, please join us again next week for more!

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