Keep your Home and Contents Safe - How to reduce the Risk of Bushfires

A bushfire is defined as an uncontrolled fire in a wooded or grassy area. The dry season is sometimes called ‘bushfire season’ due to the higher occurrences of bushfires. This is based on numerous factors, particularly dry vegetation acting as fuel for fires, instances of slash and burn farming and higher wind speeds; all of which occur during the dry season.

Bushfires are dangerous if left uncontrolled and can rapidly spread and destroy everything in its path. This includes your very home. Today we will like to discuss ways to reduce the risk of bushfires:

1. Regularly mow grass – A chief source of fuel for bushfires is dried grass and leaves, especially grass that has been left to grow wildly. Regular mowing of grass and removal of grass and vegetation from the immediate vicinity of your home decreases the chances of bushfires being caused as there is less sources of fuel.

2. Trim trees on or around your property – The leaves, especially if dead, and the bark on trees provides ample fuel for bushfires to spread and grow. Trimming trees around your property gives bushfires less material to burn, thus reducing the risk.

3. Store flammable material away from ignitable material – Flammable material such as gasoline and paint thinner are items commonly found in homes. However, these materials are highly flammable and if ignited near materials such as grass or dead leaves, can start bushfires.

Keep these materials in a secure, cool and dry location.

4. Invest in a long garden hose – Having a long garden hose can make all the difference in outing bushfires before they become too large. Invest in a garden hose that can easily reach the perimeter of your home.

Having a few 100 foot garden hoses can provide you with complete reach around your home.

5. Create a bushfire protection kit – A bushfire protection kit can give you some protection in the event of a bushfire. A good kit should include goggles to mitigate smoke damage to your eyes, a facemask to prevent smoke inhalation, heat-resistant gloves and boots to protect your hands and legs and long-sleeved shirts to offer protection to your arms.

These items will reduce the likelihood of being burnt and protect your eyes and respiratory system.

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Thank you for joining us for this week’s article. Have a great weekend and tune in next week for more!

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