Most important Insurance Plans to have for the Christmas Season

Are you without Insurance Coverage this Christmas? We specifically prepared this piece with information on the Top 3 most important Insurance Plans that we think you should consider for the Christmas Season.

1. Motor Insurance – Purchasing a new car for Christmas? Motor Insurance is a must. Motor Insurance Plans come in different types of coverage, such as Third-Party Coverage and Comprehensive. Each plan has its benefits and you should do the proper research into each and speak to an underwriter today to find out what is the best plan to give your vehicle maximum coverage.

2. Home and Contents Insurance – Home and Contents Insurance provides coverage for damages done to your home and any insured contents, such as appliances, furniture and electronics. During the Christmas season, it is easy for accidents to happen at home in the midst of all the festivities. Increased instances of fires started from cooking on Christmas Day have been recorded and this is strong factor for having Home and Contents Insurance which provides encompassing coverage, including coverage for damage to your home caused by fires.

3. Health Insurance – The Christmas Season is taken as a time of indulgence across cultures and many take this time to be less restrained in their habits. This can lead to poor lifestyle choices and overconsumption of food and drink, especially alcoholic beverages, which can lead to serious effects on your physical health. This makes having a strong Health Insurance Plan an absolute must during the Christmas Season. You are insured for emergencies, surgery, dental work and much more.

Interested in any of these Insurance Plans?
Contact Guardian General Jamaica for information on Motor, Home and Contents Insurance at 876-926-3720. 
Contact Guardian Life Limited for information on Health Insurance at 1 -888-FOR LIFE (367-5433). 

Thank you for joining us for this week’s article. Check us out next week for more!

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