Protect your Home and Contents during the Dry Season!

Dry season is upon us and it is expected to last until May 2020. During this time, we can expect sunny days, warm nights and showers of rain during the daytime. Although appreciated by many, in some instances the sunlight during the dry season can be quite severe and can have several adverse effects, particularly on your home and contents.

Follow these steps to protect your home and contents during the dry season -

1. Lubricate all locks and hinges – During the dry weather, Sunlight and warm temperatures can rapidly evaporate the oils found in locks and hinges, leaving them creaky and suspectable to rust. Ensure that you lubricate all locks and hinges using oil or graphite powder.

2. Perform roof maintenance – Sunlight can damage your roof overtime and the chances of this happening are increased during the dry season. The UV rays in sunlight can dry out and break down protective oils that coat your roof sheeting over time, leaving your roof more susceptible to degradation. With roofing tiles, the constant sunlight has a bleaching effect and may alter the colour of your tiles.

Perform roofing maintenance at least twice during the dry season.

3. Apply weather-resistant paint – Normal paint may fade and degrade during prolonged exposure to sunlight. Use weather-resistant paint on your home and exterior instead as this paint can withstand the harsh effects of the UV rays in sunlight.

4. Keep electronics away from direct sunlight – Some electronics such as computers may be kept near windows that allow sunlight to enter. However, strong sunlight can damage electronics by causing them to overheat or by melting electrical boards. During dry season, keep electronics away from direct sunlight or install black-out curtains on these windows to keep sunlight out.

5. Tint the windows of your home – Like vehicle tinting, tinting the windows of your home reduces the heat, glare and UV rays entering your home. This not only reduces the harmful effects of the sunlight on your person but also makes your home cooler and more comfortable.

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