Safety Tips when using Fireworks

The Christmas season is celebrated by using fireworks throughout the world, and right here in the Caribbean. Beautiful, eye-catching and memorable, but also very dangerous if not used correctly.

Follow these safety tips when using Fireworks:

1. Use legal fireworks – Only purchase and use legal fireworks from reputable dealers that are more likely to be stored and handled according to regulations. Illegal fireworks may not work as advertised and can cause serious bodily harm.

2. Wear protective clothing – Most fireworks require lighting, particularly lighting of a fuse. It is imperative that you have protective clothing on before lighting the fuse to reduce instances of burns to your body resulting from the lit fuse or any explosion resulting from the fireworks.

3. Use fireworks outdoors and in open areas – Fireworks must be lit outdoors and in wide open areas with very little obstructions, such as buildings, trees, persons or animals. This also gives you ample time and room to move away to a safe distance after lighting.

4. Keep a bucket of water or hose nearby – Always keep a bucket of water or a hose that is connected to supply of water nearby when using fireworks. You can easily douse accidental fires or fireworks after use.

5. Do not experiment with homemade fireworks – Using homemade fireworks or creating your own with chemical compounds from fireworks you purchased can be disastrous, leading to explosions and severe injuries. Only use legal fireworks purchased from a reputable dealer.

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