The Gift of a New Car? Get the right Motor Insurance Plan

What does the perfect Christmas gift mean to you? For some it might be a new dress, the latest sneakers or even a new car! You’ve worked hard, saved and did all the research into which model is best for you and brings you the most value. You just have one thing left to do; get the right Motor Insurance Plan coverage for your vehicle. Different Motor Insurance Plans offer different benefits and pricing, so it is important to select the right plan that fits your needs, your vehicle and your budget.

Which Motor Insurance Plan is best for you? Here is information on the two standard Motor Insurance Plans offered by insurers:

Third-Party Coverage Plan – A Third-Party Coverage Plan covers your liability for bodily damage done to third parties as well as damage done to third party property (vehicle). In the event that you have to pay for claims arising out of accidental bodily damage or damage to contents as a result of negligence through use of your motor vehicle, your insurance provider will pay the damages up to the limits of your policy.

Comprehensive Coverage Plan – A Comprehensive Coverage Plan provides the same benefits as the Third-Party Coverage Plan but also covers not only loss of vehicles, but cost of damages, accessories, spare parts and even wrecking/towing fees needed for your vehicle in the event of an accident. As valuable as this plan is, you can pay for optional benefits that suit your needs.

Interested in a Motor Insurance Plan for your vehicle? Contact Guardian General Jamaica today at  876-926-3720 for more information.

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