What are the different types of Tropical Storms? – Know the Details!

We are in the midst of the hurricane season with some countries reeling from the devastating effects of Hurricane Dorian. As the hurricane season is projected to end on November 30th, we still have at least 2 months to go. It is not possible to predict if hurricanes or tropical storms may form, and the best that we can do is to understand the potential effects of a storm and prepare accordingly.

In today’s piece we’ll be looking at the different types of tropical storms, their effects and what you should expect from each.

Tropical Depression: A tropical depression is the first stage of a tropical weather event. These weather conditions can generate wind speeds of 38mph or less. Despite not being as strong as a tropical storm or a full-fledged hurricane, tropical depressions can still bring rain, thunderstorms and strong winds which are capable of causing
some damage based on where it occurs.

Tropical Storm: An upgraded tropical depression is called a tropical storm. This storm has stronger wind speeds, now at 39-73mph. Not only this, but the rain produced is considerably more than that of a depression so the likelihood of flooding and intense wave activity is greater.     Tropical Storms are treated as more threatening than tropical depressions as now there is a higher possibility of incurring damages and loss of life

Hurricanes: A hurricane is described as a storm system that has sustained wind speeds of 74+mph, a ‘spiral’ cloud arrangement. They are considered to be the next step in a tropical storm’s development and possess all of the same damaging attributes but on a far greater scale. Hurricanes bring with them strong and damaging winds, heavy rainfall, thundershowers and lightning storms and are threatening to your safety and your lives.

Hurricanes are further categorized, from Categories 1 to 5, with each consecutive category being stronger and more destructive. While a Category 1 Hurricane may just cause flooding and infrastructural damages, a Category 5 Hurricane almost always leaves destruction and death in its wake, and great care and preparation must be taken by those who live in areas that are prone to hurricanes, such as the Caribbean.

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Thank you for joining us for this week’s article. Join us next week as we discuss the different categories of Hurricanes and what you should know about each!

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