Guardian Life “Adopts” Netball Jamaica Sunshine Girls Captain

Guardian Life Limited recently announced a $1-million sponsorship agreement with Nicole Aiken-Pinnock as part of Netball Jamaica 'Adopt a Player' initiative. The announcement was made at a launch event held at the Jamaica Pegasus hotel on Tuesday March 31, 2015.

The sponsorship will assist Aiken-Pinnock, who is the captain of the Sunshine Girls, to offset expenses to attend the Netball World Cup, scheduled for Sydney, Australia, in August.

According to the President of Guardian Life, Eric Hosin: "The Sunshine Girls have done Jamaica proud in the game of netball for the last five decades, being Jamaica's top-ranked national sports team, maintaining a top-five global ranking through all these years and it is important for us to continue to support such a strong legacy of success”.

"We understand the financial constraints that are faced by the administration of Netball Jamaica to cover expenses such as travel, accommodation, food and other essential items when there is a major netball championship. Guardian Life understands these challenges and so we are pleased to announce that as a part of the ‘Adopt a Player’ initiative, we will be sponsoring the captain of the Sunshine Girls -- Nicole Aiken-Pinnock -- as she journeys to Sydney, Australia, for the Netball World Cup," Hosin added.

Aiken-Pinnock, who has been representing Jamaica for over 10 years, said that she is honoured to be adopted by Guardian Life.

Marva Bernard, President for Netball Jamaica, welcomed the sponsorship from Guardian Life Limited.

"For just participating in the World Cup will cost us $15 million, so if we can get 14 more of these (sponsorships) then we will be good to go. But there is also another cost to prepare the team, and this what Guardian Life is doing, they are giving us $1 million to ensure that we can send one player to the tournament and to pay for that player's preparation cost, and so we want to thank them for coming out and giving their support," Bernard said.

Eric Hosin, President of Guardian Life Limited, hands over the symbolic cheque valued at $1m to captain of the Sunshine Girls Nicole Aiken- Pinnock (centre), as Marva Bernard, president of Netball Jamaica, looks on during the launch of the ‘Adopt a Player’ initiative at the Jamaica Pegasus hotel on March 31, 2015.

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