Guardian Life encourages ‘Charity Gifting’ among High School Alumni

Guardian Life encourages ‘Charity Gifting’ among High School Alumni 

Guardian Life Limited has embarked on a campaign encouraging High School Alumni to utilise their insurance policy (s) to leave a legacy for their school. The insurance company recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the St. Andrew High School Foundation, solidifying their partnership for Charity Gifting. 

According to Guardian Life’s VP- Individual Life Sales, Glendon Gordon, Charity Gifting is a great opportunity for past students, parents of students and friends of the various high schools to use their insurance policy (s) as a way of giving back to their high schools, which will aid in sustaining the school’s resources in the long term.

“This is just another way of contributing to the legacy of your high school, ensuring the tradition lives on for the future students”, Gordon said.

Chair of the St. Andrew High School Foundation Deanna Ashley is quite enthused about the partnership with Guardian Life, stating that the Foundation’s Endowment Fund was established in 2005 to support the School's continued growth and development in perpetuity. 

“The Guardian Life/St Andrew High School Charity Gifting Program is an opportunity for our school community including our alumnae to easily contribute to the Endowment Fund and so assure the School's continued development and financial sustainability. As invested capital builds, the Foundation will be able to fund development projects and other operating needs”, the chair stated.

Guardian Life is seeking to engage other schools, through their Alumni Associations, to be a part of the Charity Gifting Program, as they believe it is a unique opportunity to give back in a meaningful way to their schools without the immediate burden of finding a lump sum of money to donate. 

The process simply requires a policy holder to assign a portion/percentage of their insurance policy to their preferred school as a beneficiary. 

Ashley is encouraging the “old girls” of St. Andrew High School to be a part of this program so as to maintain the legacy of the institution and even more so to improve it for future students so that they can enjoy “Life More Abundant” as stated by the school’s motto.   

Glendon Gordon, VP, Individual Life Sales, Guardian Life Limited, prepares to sign the Memorandum of Outstanding document, sealing the partnership between Guardian Life and the St. Andrew High School Foundation for its Charity Gifting programme. Also pictured are: Pauline Givans-Whitter (left), Branch Manager, Guardian Life’s Trafalgar Branch; Deanna Ashley (2nd right), Foundation Chair and Jessica Jones, Foundation Project Manager.

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