Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management

The Guardian Group is a Caribbean financial services group whose offerings include Life and Health Insurance and Pensions, Property and Casualty Insurance and Asset Management and Investment Advisory Services.

We are committed to increasing shareholder value through the prudent management of risks inherent in the production, distribution and maintenance of these products and services. We also continue to explore opportunities to develop and expand our business organically, and through acquisition, with strategic plans being subject to careful consideration of the trade-off between risk and reward, and subject to the risk appetite and tolerance criteria approved by the Board of Directors.

All of the Group’s activities involve the measurement, evaluation, acceptance and management of some degree of risk, or combination of risks including insurance, market, credit, operational, strategic and business risks. The Board and Management consciously promote a responsible approach to risk to ensure that the Group’s long-term survival and reputation are not compromised in the pursuit of growth and market expansion. This is driven by our obligation and intent to create value for our shareholders by optimizing the opportunities for reward by:

  • Maintaining a comprehensive perspective on risk reduction as it relates to the erosion of critical sources of shareholder value through our focus on earnings volatility reduction and the avoidance of earnings related surprises.
  • Optimizing risk and increasing the efficiency and effectiveness through which capital and other resources are allocated by robust assessment of the risk and reward trade-off.
  • Building and sustaining our competitive advantage through increasing our knowledge of the risk environments in which we operate and assuring an adequate pricing of risk.
  • Increasing our resistance to financial contagion and resilience to the impact of external events.
  • Assuring compliance with all applicable laws and internal procedures.