About Us

Guardian Life Ltd. is an Assurance Company established in Jamaica since August 1999. The company is engaged in the underwriting of all classes of long-term insurance business. Guardian Life is managed by a President who is responsible to a Board of Directors for the operation of its business. Guardian’s policies are sold by employed insurance advisers and through brokers. We operate ten branches in Jamaica, and deliver superior service by focusing on customer needs and operational excellence.

We are the company of choice in Jamaica for our insurance solutions, financial strength and outstanding service-delivery achieved through our superior team, corporate citizenship and authentic appeal. Guardian Life Ltd is the only harbour for your investments, allowing you to get on with living life to the fullest.


Customer-centricity - Understand what matters to the customers, then provide that better than anyone else. 

Global excellence - Be best-in-world, not just best-in-Caribbean

Bias Action - Being first is better than being perfect

Commitment - Discuss openly, disagree respectfully, decide quickly and commit wholly.

Curiosity - Question answers.  Learn and be curious

Continuous Improvement - Be better today than yesterday


To provide peace of mind and prosperity to communities in the Caribbean and across the World.


To lead the World in creating financial freedom for You in good times and in bad, through positive interactions, powered by technology.