Employee Benefit Plans

Most employers today, whether they are large organisations or small businesses, recognise the value of their human resources and their role in ensuring the company's success.



Group Life Insurance

Our group life insurance products are designed to meet the needs of well defined groups such as employees and members of various associations. Employers have found group life insurance schemes to be an important benefit for their employees, while many employees regard group life insurance benefits as a valuable element in their total compensation package.One special group singled out for attention is students. This group is offered protection through our Student  Personal Accident insurance plans.

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Group Health Insurance

Guardian Life’s Group Health product, GUARDIAN HEALTH has brought new and innovative service delivery to the health insurance market in Jamaica. GUARDIAN HEALTH offers online convenience for claim submission and adjudication, real-time claims processing, and member access to payments and balances. Our extensive island-wide provider network helps facilitate easy access to affordable healthcare.

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Pension Administration

Pension plans provide employers and employees with a structured, tax efficient mechanism to set aside a portion of salary to provide employees with income during retirement years. For many employees, this employer-sponsored pension plan is the main source of income during retirement.

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