Individual Benefit Plans

A life and health insurance policy is a critical part of prudent financial planning.  In the event of illness or death, it provides a monetary safety net for your family, enabling them to maintain their lifestyle in a dignified manner.

Critical Illness Plans

In times of ill health or recovery, our plans give you financial support when you need it most by helping to cover medical expenses. Even more important, your medical needs may require lifesaving and costly treatment. We make this accessible to you. These are our Critical Illness products:

Guardian Care | Guardian Provider | Guardian New Life | Guardian New Life Plus | Guardian Care Plus | Guardian Ultimate Provider


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Traditional Insurance Plans

We offer a range of policy options to meet your specific needs. There are Whole Life insurance policies - which provide coverage for the "whole" of your life, as well as Term insurance policies which provide coverage over a fixed period and can be renewed. These are our Traditional Insurance plans:

5 for Life | Guardian Angel | Guardian Instant Coverage | 15 year Convertible Term | Full Century | Guardian T5 | Flexi-Term | Flexi-Term Special | Guardian Extendable Term Series 


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Universal Life & Equity Linked Plans

These products are unique, flexible, investment-linked insurance products with a combination that guarantees your ability to cope with life's challenging changes. These are our Universal Life & Equity Linked plans:

Guardian Life Evolution | Guardian Lifesaver | Guardian Investor | Guardian Investor Plus | Guardian Universal Life | Guardian Lifesaver Special | Guardian Assure plan

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Interest Sensitive Plans

This is a Term Insurance Plan with an interest sensitive investment element .The type of Life Insurance policy provides protection owhich matures at age 65. Our Interest Sensitive plan:

Guardian Accumulator 


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