Traditional Insurance Plans

We offer a range of policy options to meet your specific needs. There are Whole Life insurance policies - which provide coverage for the "whole" of your life, as well as Term insurance policies which provide coverage over a fixed period and can be renewed. 


5 for Life

5 for LIFE is a 5 year convertible and renewable insurance solution term plan. It is designed primarily to provide high level affordable coverage for persons 18 - 75 years old.

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Guardian Angel

A non-medical 20 year premium paying plan, with a minimum coverage of $500,00 and a maximum coverage of $3,000,000.

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Guardian Instant Coverage

A non-medical whole life policy which takes care of last expenses and provides a fund for final expenses.

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15 Year Convertible Term

A level premium payable term insurance plan, that provides a fund for family protection and business coverage at a reasonable cost.

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Full Century

A Whole Life Plan which provides an easy and convenient way of accumulating a fund for expenses at death. It provides a fund for estate planning needs, family protection and business insurance.

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Guardian T5

A 5 year renewable and convertible term plan, which renews every 5 years until the Life Assured attains age 70, at which time the plan expires. The premium charged will change every 5 years at renewal.

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Guardian Flexi-Term

This insurance plan is designed to meet the insurance needs of persons requiring long term loans including mortgages and for estate planning.

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Guardian Flexi-Term Special

This insurance  plan is designed to meet the insurance needs of persons requiring long term loans and in particular mortgages and estate planning.

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